Physical Security

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Video Surveillance & Access Control

At RETO we have physical security solutions which have added value within the industry due to their 360º composition, which can be adapted to the needs of each client, since using the same infrastructure for physical and computer security systems can provide real benefits through different departments. Our technological offer in physical security solutions combines the benefits of the best products, video surveillance systems, access control and monitoring for the protection of real estate, infrastructure and other assets of our customers.

Access Control

Nowadays it is necessary to have a security infrastructure that allows maintaining total control of access in critical areas, in order to prevent unauthorized access and control the access of authorized persons. RETO can provide you with access control solutions for all areas and in different scales as a basic element of security; we can develop solutions for all those places you are trying to protect physically or even confidential information from unauthorized persons. These solutions can be developed based on biometrics and by means of access cards.

Video surveillance

At RETO we can offer you a video surveillance system with an integral vision, where you can have a detailed and real time monitoring. We offer you the design, installation and monitoring of video surveillance systems, recording servers and video analytics that can be adapted to your needs. Let us create the ideal video surveillance solution to create a more reliable and secure environment. Some of the solutions we can offer you are:


Line Crossing and Area Entry - Exit

Decrease the crossing of intruders or robberies, we configure alerts when a line or a determined area is crossed.

Face Capture

Capture faces quickly and accurately with our solution, which we can tailor to customer needs.

Queue detection

With this technology you will be able to count the number of people in each queue by means of cameras, and if there are too many people, an alarm will be triggered to warn of the need to open a new cash register.

Lost / Dropped Object

Detects whether an object has been removed from an area, or whether a new object has been left in a certain area.

Patent Recognition (LPR)

Control and register vehicle patents and manage the respective information such as license plates, make, type of vehicle.

Facial recognition

Identify the persons being recorded by registering them in a database.

People Counting (People Counting - Enter and Leave)

It controls the number of people passing through a gate or boundary, being able to distinguish exits and entrances.

Heat Maps

It is possible to view a color-coded map of how much time shoppers spend in specific areas of the store.

Alarm integration

We can connect alarms to the cameras, such as dry contacts or integration with access control to increase the security system.