Structured Cabling

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For Each Of Your Projects

At RETO we create integral projects with certified and high quality materials. We help you develop a consolidated and secure technological infrastructure for the daily performance of your network, reducing risks and other technical incidents. We are constantly updating our technology and together with our 32 years of experience we can offer you the best solutions in structured cabling, fiber optics, interruptible power, cooling and intelligent lighting to suit your needs.

Structured Cabling

Since the beginning, RETO has been a pioneer in the incursion of structured cabling in Mexico, and that is why we understand that networks must be solid and reliable, but they must also evolve to meet today's connection needs.

With RETO and Commscope you can now upgrade your infrastructure for today's technologies and be prepared for tomorrow's; with solutions such as SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED X10D cabling that can reach speeds of up to 10 Gbps or the NETCONNECT line for networks of up to 1 Gbps.

With our Structured Cabling solution you will have a Universal Connectivity Network (UCG), helping to transmit signals from:


Low Voltage Applications
Security / CCTV
Cloud Computing
LED lighting
Data Centers
Wireless Networks
Hearing / Visual Systems

For a universal connectivity network to be possible, it is necessary to complement it with a backbone cabling with single-mode or multimode optical fiber that can support speeds of up to 100 Gbps and more, in addition to the implementation of IMVISION that helps manage the network without causing downtime or unnecessary interruptions, as indicated in the ISO/IEC 18598 standard that explains what AIM (Automated Infrastructure Management) is.

At RETO we keep updated to bring you the best solutions for your network, that is why we implemented the use of OM5 optical fiber, which is compatible with other multimode fibers, such as OM4, OM3 and OM2, but, providing at least a four times increase in the usable bandwidth, since it combines modal bandwidth and chromatic bandwidth, which allows you to transmit up to 40 G, and even 150 G.

We have solutions from Commscope that will help you reduce costs effectively, as you will with energized fiber. With all these solutions your infrastructure will immediately gain advantages that will last for years to come.

At RETO we can help you with the best power backup or interruptible power solution; whether standby, line-interactive, on-line or three-phase, providing a higher level of available power protection for mission-critical equipment.

We have double conversion UPS technology to provide you with high performance power protection; ideal for servers and network equipment in data centers, computer rooms and network cabling cabinets; as it maintains perfectly regulated power output by continuously converting AC power input to DC and then re-synthesizing it to AC output. Available in capacities ranging from 750VA to 200kVA.

With this we guarantee zero transfer times to battery backup keeping the networks up and running when an outage occurs; as the equipment is monitorable and has multiple communication ports providing simultaneous intelligent communications, shutdown and reporting commands on multiple servers.

RETO offers you the best range of IT systems; from small boxes and compact cabinets to complete systems for your Data Centers. Support critical IT departments and facilities with efficient products that help you save costs throughout the value creation chain. We put at your disposal a whole department of experts who, in collaboration with you, will analyze the entire process chain: from development and engineering to production.

We committed with you to design the best project that meets your requirements and is prepared to receive new technologies such as space and cooling.

We have backup systems that meet all expectations, placed in a modern rack for networks or servers. It can accommodate equipment without tools, provides high load capacity and structural cable management for universal application as a network rack or data center rack. The right equipment for every climate concept: closed transparent door for server applications with LCP (Liquid Cooling Package) cooling based on water-glycol, or perforated doors for room climate control.


Reto Industrial is one of the pioneers in intelligent LED lighting in Mexico, our offices are a showroom of this technology.


Add this new technology to your company by providing:


- Comfort

- Savings


This new technology will provide you with the following benefits:


Energy savings of up to 80%.
Savings of up to 60 KWh, equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by more than one ton each month.
Savings of up to 90% in lighting operating costs.
Integration to building management systems (BMS).
Improve environmental performance.
Obtain 29 LEED Points out of the 40 required to obtain a certificate.
Energy savings of up to 80%.
Reduced installation space, as it requires only one power supply and sensor wiring